DESIRE booklet: Using land for the benefit of all
Written by Erik van den Elsen   
ImageDESIRE Workblock 6 has issued a booklet about the integrated approach to finding solutions to desertification in cooperation with local partners. The booklet, called 'Using Land For The Benefit Of All', describes the use of WOCAT methods and participatory workshops in this process.

The WOCAT methodology for the selection of possible solutions to land degradation was developed in the DESIRE research project, which is funded by the EU. The DESIRE project allowed us to test the newly developed methodology at 17 sites in 13 countries around the world. In each study area the local research teams were trained in the use of the WOCAT methodology, and then they tried out the solutions they had chosen. Their feedback to the methodology was very positive overall. The methodology is being shared through various networks and we hope to contribute to new and successful collaboration between more researchers, advisors and land users, to increase sustainable land use.

Download the English version of the booklet HERE.
Download the French version of the booklet HERE.