DESIRE vision on Zero Growth supported by UNCCD
Written by Erik van den Elsen   

During the recent UNCCD Land Day 5, organised on 6 December 2011 during the UNFCCC's 17th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP17) in Durban, South Africa, the DESIRE project issued a leaflet called 'The idea of Sustainable Development, and what it means for achieving zero net-growth in degradation'. This leaflet was written to proliferate the projects view on the Land Day theme 'Achieving zero net land degradation: impacts on climate change issues'.

The UNCCD now highlights the leaflet on its website, mentions its importance in fighting desertification and subscribes the leaflets conclusion: 'The big challenge for scientists is to present probabilities and possibilities based on science, in the context of a wider debate, including the impact on economic development.'

The UNCCD hereby underlines these important issues and supports and recognises the vision of the DESIRE project and the DESIRE project team.

Read the UNCCD article on their website:

Read the DESIRE leaflet on zero net-growth online, and/or download it from: