UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference
Written by Erik van den Elsen   

ImageThere is a widespread consensus that the pressing issues of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought (DLDD) are not yet properly included and addressed in today's political and private sector agendas on a global, national and local level and that it is therefore of vital importance to raise awareness of the effects - costs and benefits - that decisions related to land management and ecosystems have.

The UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference therefore aims to gather a broad range of stakeholders - academics, policy makers, civil society actors and the private sector - to approach DLDD from an economic perspective.

The conference will provide guidance to governments and non-governmental actors alike, on why they should and how they can, together, reverse current DLDD trends, support affected countries and communities to improve their land management practices and increase resilience.

The conference will be held in Davos (CH) later than March 2012, but the exact date and venue are not available yet.

More info and CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: http://2sc.unccd.int/home/