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Eskisehir - Pre-meeting info page PDF Print E-mail
Written by Erik van den Elsen   



Faruk Ocakoglu – Eskisehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU)
Sanem Acikalin – Eskisehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU)
Rudi Hessel - ALTERRA

The plenary meeting will be held from 17 to 20 November 2008.
Additional training for study sites will be given on 21 and 22 November 2008, so study sites are expected to be present from 17 until 22.
The field trip will be on Thursday 20 November.

The meeting will be held at Hayal Kahvesi, Eskisehir. This is a nice small authentic center where concerts and formal meetings are held. We will have our lunches here too. We are still planning the details of evenings.

A registration form will be implemented on the Desire website. You will receive an email when the registration page for the meeting becomes operative. 

There are two hotels at about 500 m from the venue:

  • Ibis Hotel Double Room Rate (for single use also) BB 66 EURO
  • Namlı Hotel Single BB 40 EURO Double BB 70 EURO

 When you register for the meeting you are asked to make reservations for one of these hotels. 

Field trip
During the field trip (Thursday November 20th), we will visit the Eskisehir study site, and also a historical site of Frigian period dating back to about 1000 BC.

In Eskisehir, the average temperature in November is about 10-12°C in the morning and 0-2 °C at night. The second half of November is usually fairly dry. In the second half of November 2007, for example, it rained on only 4 days and only one day was snowy.  

Travel Information
There are several ways to reach Eskisehir. We recommend that you use one of the following two ways. There are other ways, but these are not recommended as they are more difficult and take more time. ESOGU will do its best to assist you, also if you opt for a different route, but assistance can only be promised for the routes explained below (more about this assistance below).

1. By plane from Istanbul
2. By bus from Ankara

1. Plane from Istanbul
Turkish Airlines has one flight daily from Istanbul to Eskisehir. There is also one flight per day from Eskisehir to Istanbul. Flight schedules are as follows
Flights from Istanbul to Eskisehir

There is a flight at 19.10, on 15, 16 and 17 November. It arrives in Eskisehir at 20.05
Flights from Eskisehir to Istanbul
There is a flight at 20.50, on 20, 21, 22 and 23 November, arriving in Istanbul at 21.40.

For other dates please check the website of Turkish Airlines:
Note that the times of the flights could still change when the flight schedule for the winter season is finalised. Another airline company (Pegasus Airlines) might start operating the same route before our meeting, but this is not sure, so we cannot count on it.

Two remarks:
- As there is only one flight per day, we strongly recommend that you book your flights as early as possible. However, flights are usually not fully booked, so we do not expect problems.
- As you can see, the current schedule is a bit awkward on the way back, as it would probably mean you have to stay overnight in Istanbul. Of course, this is an inconvenience if you want to get home quickly, but it is an opportunity if you always wanted to see Istanbul… ESOGU might be able to assist you to book a hotel in Istanbul.

ESOGU will be at Eskisehir airport to welcome you.


2. By bus from Ankara
From Ankara (capital city with a large airport) it is 210 km to Eskişehir. From the airport to the bus terminal (distance about 50 km – 1 hour) there is a direct bus service at all times of day. Buses from Ankara bus terminal to Eskisehir leave every hour from 7 in the morning to 21 in the evening, and take about 3 hours to reach Eskişehir. The busses are comfortable. They are new, reliable, cheap and air conditioned as well. There are hot/cold drinks and cake services too. If you want you can use these websites to look at them; and (Kamil Koc and Nilufer are two of the best known companies on the route Ankara-Eskisehir.) It is not necessary to make reservations for the buses. Total travel time from Ankara Airport to Eskisehir is in the order of 4-5 hours (approximately 1 hour from airport to bus station, 3 hour from Ankara bus station to Eskisehir). Of course, this is a long time, but on the other hand you could also see it as an opportunity to get an extra excursion through the arid landscapes of Anatolia…

In Eskisehir, get off at the central bus station (final stop of the bus). ESOGU will try to welcome you there, but if arrival times are different from planned arrival time, you might need to take a taxi to the hotel.

ESOGU is willing to assist you in your travel. To be able to do this, they need accurate information from your side, especially about arrival time. Although we are still discussing what shape this assistance could have, and although what can be done also depends on how many people need assistance, the following options will be considered.

1. Positioning someone at Ankara bus terminal who will guide you to the bus to Eskisehir. Getting to the bus terminal from Ankara airport is no problem, as the bus to the terminal is easy to find, and English is widely spoken at the airport. The terminal is more complex and less people can speak English.
2. Arranging transport from Ankara airport to Eskisehir. This is only feasible if there are a reasonable number of people arriving in Ankara around the same time. You might have to wait some time for others to arrive.
3. Arranging transport from Eskisehir to Ankara, on days when a number of participants leave, which is likely to be on 23rd, and maybe on 21st too

The Turkish currency is the Turkish Lira. 1 Euro is about 1,93 Turkish Liras. (100 Euro=193 TL; 100 TL= 51,8 Euros)

You can change money at Istanbul and Ankara airports. You can also make cash withdrawals there with most bank-cards, and with credit card.

In Eskisehir, money can be changed at change offices and banks, and cash withdrawals can be made at ATMs.

At the hotels, you can pay either cash (euro) or with credit card.

It will be necessary to have a conference fee as well, which will cover the meeting room, the lunches, 1 or 2 dinners, coffee breaks, the field trip, and depending on what will be organized regarding travel assistance, also some payment for that. The final fee can only be determined once we know who will participate, and if they require assistance with travel. As a first estimate, we expect that the fee will be around 200 Euros. This amount can be paid as cash (euro or turkish lira) at the registration desk of the meeting.

Visa requirements change from country to country, and according to having an ordinary or official passport. Each partner who need visa should make his/her application to that country's embassy at least 1 month before entering the country. The following website provides more info:
ESOGU can send you an invitation letter if you need one to apply for visa.

You can download  information about your visa application HERE.

The meeting is organized by Eskisehir Osmangazi University.

Faruk Ocakoglu 
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
0-90-222-2393750/3407 (after dialing 222 (eskişehir code) and 2393750 (university phone) and several turkish words, press directly 3407)

Sanem Acikalin
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

In case of emergency use mobile phone numbers: 
Faruk 0-90-5339692466
Sanem 0-90-5363392343 

You can download this information sheet in .PDF by clicking HERE.
You can register at the REGISTRATION PAGE by clicking HERE.
You can download  information about your visa application HERE.




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