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DESIRE project receives 'Good to Excellent' assessment after third project review
Written by Erik van den Elsen   
ImageThe third panel review session was held on Monday May 31st in Brussels. A panel of renown scientists from Germany, Greece and Poland reviewed the third year of the DESIRE project. The panel was chaired by EU Scientific Project Officer Maria Yeroyanni. 

In the morning, a team from Alterra, ITC, ISRIC, University of Leeds, BothEnds and the Agricultural University of Athens represented the DESIRE consortium and gave presentations about work performed in WB1--WB6, about general progress, Planning, NGO activities and Finances. In the afternoon, the panel asked questions regarding the presentations and the year 3 progress report.

Although there were a lot of specific questions, the panel was content with the achievements of the DESIRE consortium during the third year. Therefore they assessed the project 'Good to Excellent' in their DESIRE 2010 consolidated report - a success for all DESIRE partners!

  • The summary of the consolidated report can be read by clicking the 'read more...' button below,
  • The complete report can be downloaded from the panel review Download page (click HERE - but login first),
  • The presentations given by the DESIRE members can be downloaded from the Download page (click HERE - but login first).

DESIRE PhD researchers demonstrate their work
Written by Simone Verzandvoort   

Research in the DESIRE project is partly driven by more than 30 PhD researchers working in the 16 study sites. A selection of them will gather in Enschede (Netherlands) for a special PhD conference from 18-21 May "Advances in land degradation research: integrating different approaches" to demonstrate and share their work. The conference is kindly organized and hosted by ITC-University of Twente. ITC also offers the researchers a course in hydrological catchment modelling.

WB leader meeting venue changed due to ashcloud
Written by Erik van den Elsen   
The Working Block leader meeting that was scheduled to take place on the Greek island of Spetses from April 19-21, had to be cancelled due to the ash cloud that was pumped into the atmosphere by the Icelandic Hekla volcano.
Due to the ashcloud, almost the complete European air fleet was grounded the days leading up to the WB meeting. Therefore the DESIRE coordination team decided that it would be better to cancel the meeting, since not all participants would be able to join.

Instead of the physical meeting in Greece, an online meeting was organised on thursday, April 22, using Skype and Mikogo software. Skype was used for the audio connection, while Mikogo was used for sharing desktops of the connected partners. This enabled everyone to view each others presentations. In this way, participants from Greece, Great Britain, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands held a shortened (4 hours) but fruitfull meeting, where the key topics could be discussed.

Meeting this way was received quite well by the participants, so it might be a good idea to do this more often.

the Dutch participants (ITC, ALTERRA & ISRIC) in a meeting room at Alterra, connected to the other DESIRE partners in Greece, Great Brittain, Switzerland and France through Skype and Mikogo
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