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DESIRE project reviewed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Erik van den Elsen   

ImageOn October 6th 2008, the DESIRE project has been reviewed by a panel of two external experts at European Union FP6 office in Brussels, Belgium.


In the morning session, project coordinator Coen Ritsema, colleagues Rudi Hessel, Erik van den Elsen, and Working Block leaders Godert van Lynden, Christos Karavitis, Gudrun Schwilch and Victor Jetten (WB1..WB4 resp.) gave presentations about various First-year aspects of the project. In the afternoon, the well-prepared panel posed questions to the DESIRE representatives. In general, the projects first-year accomplishments were well-receive, although there were critical questions and remarks. Also suggestions were made for corrections, alterations and improvements throughout the project. An extensive report will be received from the panel later.


The presentations from the morning session, given by the DESIRE representatives, can be downloaded from the Download section > EU reporting documents by registered users. 


The procedure that will be followed is:

  1. comments, remarks and requests for adjustments will be sent to the project coordinator by the Review Panel, through the EU Scientific Officer,
  2. The Project Coordinator and Management Team will respond to these remarks and/or take corrective actions, and report about these to the Scientific Officer who will send this response to the Review Panel,
  3. The Review Panel will assess this response and will see if the actions taken / answers are satisfactory,
  4. If the response of the Project Coordinator is satisfactory, they will report this to the Scientific Officer, who will then notify the appropriate offices in Brussels to proceed with preparing the next financial instalment for the DESIRE consortium.


The DESIRE review panel


The above procedure will probably take a number of weeks. When exactly the next financial installment can be expected, also depends on the speed of the financial offices in Brussels. Therefore the exact date for the financial installment to arrive can not be given.

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